Those who dream by night, in the dusty recess of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, and make it possible.

T.E. Lawrence

(Lawrence of Arabia)

I am dreaming during the day.

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Check out the poll results on Ask me anything

A few people chimed in said they wanted this idea. I actually started working on the project as soon as I created the poll. It is very intensive and I’m working on two, possibly three, paths. Top, Bottom and maybe voyeur. Stay tuned. It is quite intensive in the writing and I’ve gotten lost twice writing it.

Stories not posted anywhere else, but here.
New Stories
Meeting my College RoommateAmerican Whore Story
The Demon DealInstallment 4

Audio OptionsOkay People
Audio Hookup Apps
Jock Boy SeriesSexual Racist
Jock BoySexual Racist
Jock Boy 2Sexual Racist 2
Jock Boy 3Sexual Racist 3
Jock Boy 4: Swim Meat
Jock Boy 5: Swim Meat 2
Master DelightFirst Meeting
Master’s Delight 1First Meeting
Master’s Delight 2First Meeting 2
Master’s Delight 3
Super LoverBlind Fold
Super LoverBlind Fold: First Encounter
Super Lover 2Blind Fold: Second Encounter
Super Lover 3Blind Fold: Third Encounter
White Boy MoanDom Bottom
White Boy MoanDom Bottom 1
White Boy Moan 2Dom Bottom 2
White Boy Moan 3
Dom Bottom 3
Short Stories
Rule EnforementMy Mother’s Boyfriend
PhysicalMy Mother’s Boyfriend 1
Beautiful LieMy Mother’s Boyfriend 2
Craig’s ListMy Mother’s Boyfriend 3
Dream LoverMy Mother’s Boyfriend 4
OrgasmMy Mother’s Boyfriend 5
I Give You My LoveMy Mother’s Boyfriend 6
The Text ComesMy Mother’s Boyfriend 7
The Prince and the PauperMy Mother’s Boyfriend 8
Voyeur  My Mother’s Boyfriend 9
Show BoyMy Mother’s Boyfriend 10
The TenantRomeo
British BlokeInstallment 1
Panty LinesInstallment 2
I Turned Your Dad Into A BottomInstallment 3
Pool CelebrationBottom Boys
CupcakeBottom Boys: Justin & Paul
I’ll Show you MineBottom Boys: Alester, Brad and Wilson
The Asian PersuasionMy Brother and His Best Friend

Practice (Audio)
Installment 1
ToplessInstallment 2
Christmas Wish
Meeting my College Roommate
Non Sexual Stories
I’m Sorry Dad

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